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The new Student Consult platform combines authoritative, world-class book content from Elsevier and improved search, rich media, and social and community features from Inkling, making it one of the most efficient tools available to students today:

  •     Straightforward navigation and improved search allows you to browse and search your titles - both online and offline
  •     New multimedia features allow you to interact with your content like never before
  •     Seamless, real-time integration between devices allows you to access your content from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, PC, or Mac®
  •     New social media features allow you to share notes and highlights with other Student Consult users


Every book with Student Consult logo gives an access to the whole text online plus extras:

  • Integration links - seamlessly connect to additional and related content in other Student Consult titles
  • Image libraries
  • Clinical cases
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Animations
  • …and many more (games, survival guides, practical procedures, calculators, etc.)

Use your unique PIN code from your textbook and register on www.studentconsult.com.



We provide not only extra materials for students, but also lots of ancillaries available only for teachers.

on textbooks

  •   free textbooks with a confirmed adoption

on evolve

  •  free access to test banks
  •  free, ready-to-use, materials (images, presentations, animations, etc.)

Please confirm your adoption with us to receive your free textbook and get access to extra teaching materials.


In case of any questions, please contact:

Telephone contact numbers for customer service book support: here

Beata Fidzińska
Medical Education Portfolio
tel. +48 663 306 044